Tanning salons grand rapids mi

There are many different sign products available that can be effective when marketing a tanning salon, but it's important to choose one that fits 1) your budget, 2) your size limitations, and 3) with your intended use. Here are some of the most-popular signs with tanning salon owners, and when you should use each one:

Tanning salons grand rapids mi

    Vinyl Banners - It's hard to find a product that makes a bigger impact than a large vinyl banner. The great thing about banners is that they are cheap enough that you can order one for every holiday, occasion, or promotion to hang on the outside of your salon, display in your store window, or even mount inside your store. Outdoor banners get attention from afar, so feature your great tanning specials to drive new clients through your doors.

Tanning salons grand rapids mi

    Business Cards - Business cards are affordable and can be ordered in large quantities. When distributed around town, they are a great way to build awareness for your salon. Give them to your current clients to pass out for you, and make sure to include a special offer on them which new customers can redeem when they bring in your card (which helps you track the cards' effectiveness).

    Window Graphics - Using window signage is a great way to get the attention of people who are in your shopping center or business strip. An attractive, well-designed window display will make your salon look more-credible. Window clings are a great product to promote your current special as they don't have adhesive, so you can remove them easily when your promotion has ended.

    Car Signs - Advertising on your vehicle is a great way to supplement your storefront signage, as you reach potential customers who may never have been to your location or shopping center. Your salon's message is displayed as you drive all over town. Car magnets are great for employee vehicles because they're removable, and car window decals, although they adhere to your rear window, are highly-visible to motorists following behind you.

    Stickers - Using stickers to promote your tanning salon is a fun and unique way to get your customers involved in your advertising. Happy customers will display vinyl stickers which feature your name or logo in a variety of places, from their car window to their luggage or computer. It's not important where they place the stickers; what matters is that your name is being spread around town, which builds awareness for your salon.

The five products listed above are in no way the only sign options for tanning salons, but they're definitely a good place to start. Tanning is a seasonal industry, so if you need a strong push during the slow times, signage can help!

Tanning salons grand rapids mi

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